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Why Purchase Anti Mold Drywall?

Mold growth is a common household problem. It can develop in any area of the home that has a high level of humidity, such as a basement or bathrooms. The paper facing on regular drywall provides a nourishing food source for mold, allowing it to grow and expand until it eventually becomes visible to the human eye. Cleaning the drywall may not suffice in the long run, and it is expensive to replace it time and time again. That is why homeowners with mold problems should consider purchasing anti mold drywall.

How does it work?
Most anti mold drywalls resemble the traditional drywall but for one feature – they are specifically treated with anti-fungal agents (such as sodium pyrithione) on both sides of the gypsum panels to effectively prevent mold growth. Some manufacturers design gypsum panels that do not absorb moisture as easily as their counterparts. It is possible to purchase gypsum panels that have no paper facing, such as fiberglass mat drywall, glass mat facings, and panels with a combination of gypsum and cellulose, which provide even greater mold protection. Having a variety of anti mold drywalls to choose from allows you to purchase the kind of protection that suits your need.

Anti Mold Drywall Installation
Most mold resistant drywall can be installed just like any other drywall; however, there are a few exceptions. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Some drywalls score and snap easily, with no special handling required, while others can be a little tricky. Ceiling installations are especially demanding.

It is important to note that most anti mold products available on the market are labeled as mold ‘resistant’ and not mold ‘proof.’ Why? Because mold can grow on any surface if it is moist and damp enough. Nevertheless, anti mold drywalls significantly reduce the chances of mold growth in your home - there is just no 100% guarantee.

Is Anti Mold Drywall Worth the Extra Money?


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