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Anti Mold Paint Defined

Anti mold paints prevent the growth of microorganisms on surfaces. The paint contains antimicrobial agents, anti-stain and odor encapsulating additives; it also inhibits moisture seepage and water penetration. This product can be applied on the ceilings, walls, and sub-floors of existing buildings, and also on the various modern materials used in the construction of new ones. Preventing the formation of mold in your house or apartment can inhibit all sorts of hazardous health problems for the inhabitants.

Anti Mold Paint - Variants and Anti Mold PaintApplication

The 250ml “International Anti-Mould Gloss” paint is a tough, protective gloss finish containing a fungicide that inhibits mold growth. This type of anti-mold paint is ideal for areas of poor ventilation and high moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms. It can also be used on interior wood or metal surfaces.

The 2.5Ltr “Johnstones Anti-Mould Acrylic White” paint is a resin-based mold-inhibiting coating that can be used on walls and ceilings to protect against algal and fungal growth. It can be applied with a standard brush or roller. The time it takes for anti mold paint to dry depends on the thickness applied, and on the brand of paint you select, but most of these paints take between 4 to 6 hours.

The 750ml “International Anti-Condensation Paint” provides an insulating coating that increases the temperature of the surface and reduces condensation. Moreover, it protects against mold growth on the paint film, and is ideal on interior walls and ceilings of kitchens or bathrooms. Most anti-mold paints can be overcoated or wallpapered.

Specific Usage of Anti-Condensation Paint

First and foremost, all brushes to be used must be thoroughly washed in cold water. Next, ensure that all surfaces are clean, dry and free from dirt, grease and other contaminants.

If you have existing moldy surfaces, remove the fungal growth by treating it with a proprietary fungicidal solution according to the manufacturer's instructions. If the surface is still discolored, scrub it with a 25% bleach and 75% water solution. After 24 hours, wash it down thoroughly and apply a second coat of fungicidal solution. If you are dealing with newly-applied plaster, allow up to 2 weeks for it to dry.

If the plaster is particularly porous, apply 1-2 sealing coats of “International Universal Primer Sealer.” However, if you are dealing with previously painted surfaces, then remove any loose plaster or flaking material, fill in the cracks, and sand it smooth prior to applying the anti-condensation / anti mold paint.


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