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The Anti Mold Shower Curtain

Bathrooms are known to be one of the principal breeding grounds for mold and mildew in the home. Due to the bathroom’s usual high level of humidity, most shower curtains are victims of mold growth. If mold has found its way to your shower curtain, and reappears even after thorough cleaning, you should consider throwing it away, and purchase an anti mold shower curtain specifically designed to inhibit mold growth.

Although the anti mold shower curtains available on the market are designed to solve mold growth problems, they are not 100% guaranteed to prevent mold and mildew from ever appearing on the curtain. They are made to ward off bacteria and slow the progression of mold and mildew, but since shower curtains rarely dry out completely, there is always the chance of mold. The main difference between a regular shower curtain and an anti mold one is that the anti mold shower curtain is more resistant to fungi and bacteria than the regular one.

The maintenance of an anti mold shower curtain is much like that of a regular shower curtain. Once installed, it is important to clean the curtain regularly to prevent mold growth. Without proper care, even the anti mold shower curtain will eventually succumb to fungi and bacteria. There are various methods to clean the curtain in order to keep it in top shape, including a quick rinse, wiping it down with a sponge or towel, soaking it in the tub with some detergent for a few hours, and spraying it with a protection agent, all of which can help prevent mildew from building up. Keeping the curtain as dry as possible is recommended since mold needs moisture to grow. It can be placed in the dryer, providing it is not made of plastic because plastic would melt. Cleaning and drying your shower curtain is the best way to prevent mold from rearing its ugly head. And, replacing the shower curtain regularly is the best option of all.


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