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Variants of molds have been a source of litigation as well as the cause of countless, needless fatalities over the decades. Running a dehumidifier during the summer months is a good way of protecting your possessions from mold infestation, as is the use of anti mold paints, but there are also other anti mold remediation products on the market today that are very effective in keeping your home mold free.

Anti Mold Sprays: Do They Really Work?
Many cynics claim that anti mold sprays only mask the odor of mold and do not actually remove the mold or mildew residue itself. However, through the science of micro bacterial analysis and nanotechnology, a few anti mold sprays have emerged from the glut of knock-offs to rid your household of hazardous mold agents.

One of the most effective anti mold products available is called “Teflex.” This new polymeric disinfectant is a universal antimicrobial coating suitable for the protection of various surfaces such as concrete, wood, and metal. It works at low concentrations against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Its ability to provide long-term biocidal protection distinguishes it from its competition. Also in contrast with many other anti mold products, “Teflex” does not contain any hazardous substances. This particular attribute makes it safe to spray it to many variations of textiles, the surfaces of furniture, sanitary equipment, tableware, and even toys.

Another popular anti mold product is the 500ml spray called “Trigger.” It eliminates unsightly mold and mildew and inhibits its reappearance. Moreover, this anti mold spray happens to be non-flammable and emits a pleasant fragrance. “Trigger” can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and on various potentially moist surfaces.

Another highly effective anti mold spray is “Mould EX.” This powerful product removes mold from grout, walls, tiles, and is suitable for both solid and porous surfaces. The self-cleaning spray kills mold cultures on contact and provides a long lasting barrier against further growth. You simply need to re-apply the spray periodically for complete protection. “Mould EX” is ideal for the bathroom, kitchen, garage, cellar, and any other area where mold can reside.


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