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How do you know if you need a backup sump pump? Well, if your basement floods during the winter months and you live in an area where floods and thunderstorms usually knock out the power, then you may want to look into buying a backup sump pump that can work on its own power. A sump pump that runs on its power is considered to be a support pump. That is to say, it is used together with your primary pump. Should your primary pump fail, this back up sump pump will start.

Backup sump pump prevents  basement flooding.There are two types of backup sump pumps, one that runs on a rechargeable 12 Volt battery and one that is hooked up to your house’s water system and operates with water pressure.

Below are a number of other reasons why your electric sump pump may fail:

  • power failure
  • the pump may be burned out, unplugged, or jammed with mud or a stone
  • a broken impeller or drive shaft
  • the float switch is stuck or broken
  • a tripped circuit breaker, a blown fuse, or damaged power feed line
  • too much water or a clogged intake screen
  • a clogged or frozen discharge pipe

Sump pump failure can lead to a lot of damage. Often, insurance companies don’t include this type of coverage in their policies. And if they do, they may charge extra premiums, or impose higher deductibles, or strictly limit the coverage. Once you’ve claimed this type of damage, the insurance company may exclude you from future coverage or even raise the price and deductibles to a very high rate. Remember, you are the one who will be responsible for the aftermath of sump pump failure which often includes cleanup, repairs, an insurance claim, and frustrating paperwork.

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