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Protect your Home from Damage with a Reliable Sump Pump Backup System

During a severe storm, a power outage is common. Not only is a power outage an inconvenience to you, but it can also cause major damage to your home. In the event of a loss of power, the sump pump that usually protects your home from water damage may stop working. Another common reason is mechanical failure. Whatever the case, it is necessary that you have a reliable sump pump backup system in place. The following gives you a better idea of what may prevent a sump pump from working properly.

Why does a sump pump stop working?
Power Failure:
In most cases, a sump pump fails to work properly due to a loss of power. A powerful storm may cause a power outage in the neighborhood and without its power source, a sump pump cannot do its job. When a sump pump fails to function, a home may be damaged with incoming groundwater. For this reason, many home owners opt to buy a generator or battery-powered sump pump backup system.

Mechanical Failure: Another common reason for sump pump failure is a mechanical problem, such as a faulty part or an aging pump. Whatever the reason, many home owners with a sump pump in their home use a battery-powered backup system that is added to an electric motor-driven pump. However, this backup method offers no protection against mechanical failure. To protect your pump from failure, it is wise to purchase a battery backup pump as well as a separate alarm that will alert you to a system failure.

Pump Overload: Pump overload usually occurs when an excess of water flows into the sump pump. When this happens the pump is unable to handle all of the incoming water which causes a malfunction. Furthermore, a pump will overload if foreign matter becomes trapped, partially clogging the pump. This will cause the motor to start to run slower and eventually the sump pump will cease to work.

The Necessity for a Sump Pump Backup
Unfortunately, problems do arise with sump pumps and when your sump pump stops working, your home becomes vulnerable to water damage. Once your sump pump has been installed, do not assume that it will always effectively do its job. You would be wise to install a reliable sump pump backup, as well as routinely check on your pump during bad weather and every few months.


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