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Cast Iron Sump Pumps for Long Term Reliability

A sump pump must be reliable and, for the long haul, you can depend on the strength and durability of cast iron sump pumps to protect your home or building from water damage for a very long time. They also have the capacity to eliminate copious amounts of water.

Types of Cast Iron Sump Pumps
Cast iron sump pumps are available in pedestal and submersible models, both requiring simple installation. Reputable manufacturers use top quality metals and high-tech designs to create these long-lasting cast iron pumps - no need for replacement. Different types are sold in order to suit various sump pit diameters and situations.

Built to Last
Cast iron sump pumps are practically a must in commercial settings, and a plus in residential homes. Ensuring that your office building, retail store, or house is protected during a flood or a plumbing malfunction is paramount. A solid cast iron submersible or pedestal sump pump can endure heavy-duty functions, and is built to last for generations.
The life-span of the thermoplastic or resin models is between five to ten years. Without a doubt, you can expect a cast iron model to outlive a plastic one by a considerable amount of time. The warranty often indicates the unit’s lifetime frame.

Rugged Performance
Debris that often ends up in the sump pit will eventually take its toll on plastic sump pumps, compromising both the interior and exterior of the unit. Cast iron sump pumps are designed to handle such problems.

A screen covered inlet helps keep any large debris from inhibiting the pump, and will filter the small bits and pieces, which can be discarded during regular maintenance. This feature protects the pump’s impeller, allowing it to remain operable. A heavy-duty cast iron sump pump can even be installed in a crawl space of pea gravel, ejecting all but the bulkiest pieces.

Eliminate Potential Sump Pump Problems
If your plastic sump pump cracks or develops a leak, a resulting water dilemma is inevitable. Avoid the possibility of water damage to your residence or business place, and the risk of having to replace the entire equipment, or prematurely worn parts, by choosing the durability of cast iron units. Although cast iron sump pumps typically cost more than the plastic models, many buyers deem their performance assurance worth the extra dollars - less worry, a longer sump pump life.


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