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The Benefits and Cost Savings of Energy Efficient Pumps

Your sump pump does not have to be an energy guzzling machine. In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, manufacturers are now producing energy efficient pumps. These ‘green’ pumps use less energy when pumping water, less or no oil for cooling the engine, and some come with recycled packaging. Not only are they beneficial to the planet, but they can also be friendly on your wallet.

Go Green with Enery Efficient PumpsHow are pumps designed for energy efficiency?
A water powered sump pump is energy efficient because it is powered by water, not using electricity. There are three factors in a sump pump that contribute to energy efficiency. The horsepower rating is a major factor, as are the hydraulic efficiency level of the pump (often reported as a GPH (gallon per hour) amount) and the electrical efficiency level in the motor. Newer designs incorporate the best of all three factors to create energy efficient pumps that deliver both environmental benefits and cost savings.

A high horse power motor usually has a high GPH, which will empty your tank much faster. Note that installing an oversized pump will negate any positive effects of a higher hydraulic efficiency. So what you want is a properly sized pump motor (HP) with a high GPH. You also need to have a pump that will provide a decent GPH over the total feet of head (pump pressure is measured in feet of head).

One of the best ways to maximize energy savings is by purchasing a sump pump that is designed with a Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) motor. This modern unit uses 40 to 60 percent less energy than more traditional pumps that utilize a split-phase motor or a capacitor-start design.

How do energy efficient pumps save money?
A high efficiency pump uses less energy than a low efficiency one. The electricity that it takes to run a sump pump costs money. Choosing energy efficient pumps that include PSC motors and other green features will result in less electricity consumption; consequently, they can decrease your utility bill significantly.

A sump pump designed with the environment in mind may also have a wider pump discharge. This allows the pump to move more water with less power, resulting in energy savings.

Even if green sump pumps have a higher price tag, you can still count on savings with every year of use. Many leading models are designed for durability, constructed with cast iron, and boasting stainless steel fasteners and shafts. A dependable float switch is also an important factor when buying a sump pump as it is essential for proper operation. These elements will ensure long-life, saving you the cost of replacement units.

How do energy efficient pumps help the environment?

  • By using less energy, green sump pumps are less of a drain on power plants, resulting in fewer undesirable emissions. They have a smaller carbon footprint than other more traditional sump pumps, all the while providing the same protection for your home.
  • With a reliable design, made of durable materials, energy saving pumps last longer; consequently, they produce less waste.
  • Recycled packaging is another modern way for manufacturers to transform sump pumps into environmentally friendly purchases.

Finding energy saving pumps that save you money over time is much easier today. Many of the leading manufacturers now carry various models for residential use. Choosing a quality model that is built to last is a wise move, and a conscientious one.


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