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Q. Who needs a sump pump?
If you have a basement that floods you need one. A sump pump in your home will prevent basement, laundry areas, and storage rooms from receiving water damage.

Q. How do I know what size sump pump I need?
What you need to consider is horsepower not size. The horsepower requirement for a house is determined by the area of drainage connected to the sump, the depth to the groundwater, the depth of the basement, and a few other factors. A 1/3 hp pump is standard for most houses.

Q. What is the most common reason for sump pump failure?
The leading cause for a sump pump to fail tends to be a switching problem. Sometimes the pump can shift inside the basin causing the float that operates the switch to lodge against its side. Debris can also be a factor; it can interfere with the action of the pump switch. It is important to make sure that your pump switch and float arm assembly move freely.

Q. Can the pump burn out if the outdoor pipe is frozen shut?
In that type of situation it will generally overheat if not remedied. Almost all sump pump motors have thermal protection built in. The thermal relay will reset itself when turned off, and thus be allowed to cool down.

Q. How can I check my sump pump to see if it is working?
First you have to make sure your outlet pipe is not frozen shut or plugged, and that it directs the water away from the house. Take a look inside by opening the lid (if it has one), and make sure it is clean inside and that there is no debris causing the pump inlet to be plugged. Next, look for the on/off switch, then pour about five gallons of water into the sump, and listen to the pump. Make the switch turns on and off at least twice.

Q. Where can I get a sump pump?
You can find a sump pump at most plumbing supply stores or on the Internet.

Q. What about flood insurance programs? What type of coverage should I have?
A. You do not have to live in a flood zone to have flood insurance. Even an inch of water can create a lot of damage.

Q. What are sump pump float switches and what do they do?
Click here for an explanation of sump pump float switches.

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