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Nexpump: The Smart Sump Pump

The most recent technology in the sump pump industry is the latest model by Nexpump. This innovative and sophisticated smart sump pump system has been designed with a microprocessor to ensure the most advanced notification of a flooding risk. This fully integrated system will call and email you during an emergency to notify you of any of the following:

  • pump activation,
  • plumbing problems,
  • power failures,
  • and more.

The Nexpump dual pump design is extremely reliable, using household electricity, or in the case of a power failure it runs on a backup 12 volt battery that includes a built in 20 amp smart automatic battery charger. Its advanced microprocessor enables fast decision making capabilities when faced with an emergency situation.

Installation is easy, and can be set up to run as either the primary or backup pump system. Manually testing your sump pump is no longer necessary; this smart sump pump automatically tests itself every 12 hours for maintaining accuracy and dependability.

Nexpump was created when the founder was refinishing his basement. He understood the importance of installing a backup sump pump, but found no high capacity, comprehensive, intelligent systems on the current market. With his electronics and computer engineering background, he constructed a prototype that he regularly upgraded over the next few years. After discovering how innovative and sophisticated his creation was, he began testing The Nexpump as the primary pump in different households. Every pump worked perfectly. This “smart” technology is only available on the Nexpump.

The Importance of a Smart Sump Pump

The importance of purchasing a smart sump pump for your home is significant. Not only does it assist in pumping any accumulated water from your basement to the outside, preventing the risk of damage to the foundation and esthetics of your home, but by doing so also helps lower the risk of mold growth; ensuring your safety even further. The last thing you want to worry about while away at work, vacation, or anywhere is the potential flooding of your basement. Using the Nexpump smart sump pump system will ease your concerns and award you peace of mind.


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