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No Mess and Easy to Use Sand Bag Alternatives

Sand bags are essential when fighting off a potential flood inside your home. Whether that flood occurs from broken water pipes, a floor drain back-up, or sump pump overflow, there is an immediate need to block the waters from spreading throughout your house and causing excessive damage. Most people would love to avoid the heavy carting and storage issues that arise with the traditional method of using sand bags; well, effective sand bag alternatives exist – FloodSax is one of them, and it provides protection without any of the hassle.

FloodSax Sand Bag AlternativesFloodSax: Simple, Solid Protection
Sand bags are heavy and awkward to manipulate, especially for the elderly and for those with physical limitations. But when a flood is imminent, a homeowner or tenant needs to act fast in order to stop the potential damage. With FloodSax, it is not only possible, but also simple.

This product is a 22 oz. dry bag of absorbent crystals that expand quickly when exposed to water, creating a solid structure that holds liquid back in the same manner as sand bags. They can be easily stored and brought to the flooding site when needed to provide dependable protection against rising waters.

The liner of this No-Sand Sandbag is semi-porous and holds the crystals firmly inside, creating a clean and tidy solution to a messy problem. A bag will soak up the water quickly, reaching 90 percent of its capacity in just three minutes. Moreover, as the bags absorb the water, they can adopt the shape of their surroundings in order to better barricade the flood.

Down the Drain
Roll up a dry FloodSax like a magazine and shove it down the drain to prevent a water backup. As the water comes up and reaches the FloodSax, it will be absorbed and the bag will expand, effectively plugging the drain. Because the bag adapts, there is no danger of breaking the drain or cracking the toilet’s porcelain.

Applications for Sand Bag Alternatives
Alternative products such as FloodSax can be used anywhere, and in the same manner as a sand bag. Here are a few suggestions:

  • To control flood waters outside the home
  • At the doors, windows and other entranceways to protect from water seepage
  • In drains, toilets and sinks to prevent sewer or septic system back ups
  • On the floor when a sump pit overflows

Sand bag alternatives are an environmentally friendly choice. One hundred percent biodegradable and made of non-toxic materials, FloodSax take up much less storage space than bulky sand bags and can be used more than once. The fabric bags hold in the absorbent crystals completely, eliminating any mess before, during and after use. They are manufactured for use indoors as well as outdoors, and can hold up to 45lbs. of water (or 5.5 gallons) for months at a time. Available in two different sizes – 15” x 18” and 18” x 20” – FloodSax are excellent for preventative measures as well. Simply place a border of No-Sand Sandbags around your sump pit and you will never need to worry about an overflow situation. This product does not expand or inflate unless water is present.

Sand bags are still a viable option for flood control, but sand bag alternatives are much more versatile and handy to have around the house. Buy them by the carton for both prevention and emergency use. Place them in the basement to prevent a sump pump overflow, in drains that are prone to backups, and in other locations where a solid barrier is needed against water. Affordable, reliable and clean, this product is a must for your home.


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