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Sewer Backup Prevention

It is very important that the maintenance of your home include sewer backup prevention. When sewage backup occurs, not only does a foul odour permeate your house, but there is also a huge mess to clean up and expensive repairs to be effected. Most often, it occurs in the basement. Replacing carpets, sanitizing and repainting the entire room will most likely be necessary. It is a financial, physical and emotional hassle that can be avoided by simply installing a sewer backflow prevention valve which will prevent water and sewage from flowing into your house. There is a wide variety of valves available on the market today, manual or automatic, and with different seals. Two of the most common ones are Flap valves and Gate valves.

Sewer BackupFlap Valves
Flap valves, also known as check valves, allow water or sewage to flow out of the house, and will automatically close should the water flow reverse. They require no manual operation, but should be periodically tested to ensure functionality.

Gate Valves
Gate valves require manual operation, but are often considered more effective than other valves as their seals are the tightest. However, someone must be present at the time of the backup emergency in order to operate it. It may not be convenient for the common household, but it is highly effective all the same.

Common Causes of Sewage Backup

Service Blockage: A build up of soil and grime in the pipes that lead from your house to the City’s main sewer line is most common, and will hinder proper water flow. Other related causes are items such as rags, sanitary napkins and cooking oil or working grease that have been flushed down a house drain. Less common problems are poorly aligned joints and pipe collapses within the city.

Basement Flooding: Poor landscaping and deteriorated cement floors/walls can cause a flood in the basement. Ensure that the landscape of your property is designed so that water will flow away from the house. Reseal your basement’s floor with waterproofing sealant every 8 to 10 years.

Tree Root Blockage: Tree roots can pierce or venture into old clay pipes. If you suspect such a problem, notify your city’s public works department; in most cases they will cut away the roots and replace the old pipes.


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