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Why invest in sump pump drainage?

Water can be an extremely destructive force. It can seep into your basement through windows, cracks in the foundation and improper grading. Once inside your home, it wreaks havoc on furniture and other possessions, sometimes causing thousands of dollars in damage. If your basement is prone to flooding, then sump pump drainage will give you peace of mind during heavy rainfalls.

When water is not properly diverted away from the outside walls and foundation of your home, it can saturate the surrounding soil and gradually seep into your dwelling. The key is prevention, but if that is not feasible, sump pump drainage systems are an effective defense.

How does sump pump drainage work?

As soil saturation increases and water begins to seep into your basement, it is diverted into a space called a sump hole or pit. Located inside each sump pit is a pump regulated by a switch that is triggered when the water reaches a certain level in the hole (floating switches are known to be reliable and therefore most popular). Once the switch is activated, water is pumped out through pipes leading to a location outside your home, a safe distance away from your basement in order to prevent water damage.

Why is it so important to avoid water infiltration?

Water can not only destroy personal possessions that you hold dear to your heart, but it can also render your home uninhabitable. Effective sump pump drainage can save you from serious problems such as mould formation, wood rot and plumbing problems including sewage backups, all of which may require major repair work and/or renovations that can cause you and your family to move out of your home for an extended period of time.

Protect your valuable purchase

Purchasing a home is an important decision to make and it entails a significant financial investment. Taking the initiative to protect a home from possible water disasters can not only save the owner time and aggravation, but it can also improve its resale value. A sump pump in your house is a good investment.


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